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Omega Phi Gamma (ΩΦΓ), also known as Omegas or OPhiG, is an Asian Interest Fraternity established in the Spring of 1995 at The University of Texas at Austin, with a second chapter founded at the University of Houston in the Spring of 2004. They strive to promote brotherhood, leadership, and service within the Asian-American community, and continue to maintain the highest levels of excellence while encouraging the growth of strong and successful men.



The founding fathers of Omega Phi Gamma founded the fraternity with the purpose of promoting cultural, social, and leadership development of college students of Asian interests.

The founding of Omega Phi Gamma

The founding fathers of Omega Phi Gamma were originally brought together at The University of Texas at Austin by their sister sorority, Sigma Phi Omega. The sisters of Sigma Phi Omega took their fall 1994 Big Brother program and merged it with other close friends of the sorority to form the original fraternity, Beta Omega Phi. What was envisioned by the founding fathers was an Asian American organization that truly promoted the principles of brotherhood, and an organization that provided a balance between community service and social activity.
The founding fathers came together for the first time on November 18, 1994 as Beta Omega Phi. On December 2, 1994, the Betas officially introduced themselves with a new fraternity tradition, the step show. During the Spring of 1995, the Betas began working on gaining a charter from other already established Asian Fraternities. However, they were unimpressed with the quality of the fraternities they visited, and so the founders voted unanimously to start a fraternity from scratch, Omega Phi Gamma.
On May 21, 1995, the founders met for the first time as Omega Phi Gamma to create a new constitution. After meeting throughout the summer, a constitution was finally finished and adopted on August 29, 1995. Almost one year after the founding fathers met for the first time, a new era began for Omega Phi Gamma with the Alpha Class rush.

Founding fathers

  • Alex Tung-Wei Chang
  • Ting Chang
  • Tom Yao-Jen Chang
  • Charlie Wei-Yang Chang
  • Christian R. Fernandez
  • Michael Lawrence Gong
  • Minh Vy Ha
  • Jeff Ho
  • Nguyen Ho
  • Dave You-Lian Lee
  • Matthew Douglas Lee
  • Michael Zhen-Ning Lee
  • Sung Su Lim
  • Hsin-Lei Liu
  • Thomas Phong Hoa Nguyen
  • Andy Hung-Pei Pan
  • William Russell Reeves
  • Andrew To
  • Joseph Chi-Chun Yu
  • Stephen T. Yuen

Omega Phi Gamma today

Today, Omega Phi Gamma is recognized as one of the premier Asian fraternities on campus, as well as one of the only Asian fraternaties recognized by the University of Texas, after the suspension of Lambda Phi Epsilon in December 2005
The Omegas are known for the strong bond that they share within the tri-family; with their sister sorority Sigma Phi Omega and brother fraternity Delta Epsilon Psi.
In addition, the Omegas also partake in community service activities. Omegas have gone to local schools to tutor students, as well as volunteering in local food drives, feeding the homeless, and currently the Omegas have adopted a street as part of the Keep Austin Beautiful Project.
Since the founding of Omega Phi Gamma, the fraternity has since expanded, with the Beta Chapter being founded at the University of Houston in the Spring of 2004.

UNITY talent show

One of the annual events the Omegas are best known for is their UNITY talent show, with the Omegas performing their special step routine during the show. UNITY is hosted in September of each year and has been a popular annual fraternity tradition since 1995, with the show often filling up to capacity. The show is held at a venue on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. UNITY is a showcase of Asian American talent, with a majority of Asian organizations on campus performing with the message of celebrating their heritage, as well as promoting cultural diversity of all Asian Americans.

Notable members and alumni

Current government officials


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